Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas preparations

 Close to Christmas, Emma got the flu and missed 2 days of school, as well as the breakfast with Santa.  We sent the "boys" and they enjoyed their time with him, as well as Grandma and Grandpa.
 James didn't quite understand about asking Santa for something, but he was more than happy to GIVE Santa one of the crafts he had made!  Love that generous little boy.

 The tree slowly went up, and the kids were great helpers this year, or maybe I was just more relaxed and didn't mind when they put 6 ornaments on one branch.  James was especially happy to help, as this year he is more aware of what is going on, and all is so new.  We only broke 2 ornaments this year!

I love putting up the tree, as it just makes the house feel ready for the holidays, and the kids react so well to the joys of the lights and memories that are in each box. I have to admit that I did not put up all the decorations.  We have a newborn, and it's just hard for me to start a project and leave it unfinished.  But I think we had the important things up: crèche, empty manger, tree and stockings.  Next year, right? 

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