Friday, June 20, 2014

You are the Salt of the Earth....You are the Light of the World

Patrick is going to be a 6th grader.
Middle School.
A big kid.
This end of the school year has thrown me for a loop.  There was a "stepping up" ceremony for the kids going to middle school.  It was quite hot, and so I was able to really pay attention to the words and significance of what they were saying to them without getting too emotional (who am I kidding, I got teary at least once).  Their focus was the gospel passage from Matthew 5:13-16.
 Each passage was explained and each time I was struck by the words in this gospel message.
 Each student was called by name, and given a special prayer card.  Our new deacon told them that they need to show these things with one more thing: JOY! 
 I am super proud of this kid, with his gentle heart, his (sometimes frustrating) never-ending quest for things he wants, his love of family, and desire to do better.  He will talk to anyone, especially bigger kids since they are more polite and listen to him.  He loves the outdoors, and all things with Boy Scouts.  Sometimes he has a little trouble with kids his own age (wonder where he gets that?  Sorry, buddy.) but he manages to find a friend whenever he goes places.   
 This boy finished up his year with first honors, and is hoping to be in the higher math group in middle school!  His teacher wrote him a sweet letter, encouraging him and complimenting him on his good qualities.  There was even a Panda in the corner! 
 Last day of 5th grade!
And how this boy loves his siblings!  Even little photo-bombers!
Good luck, my #1 son.  Love you lots!

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