Thursday, March 6, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} BOY Scout Edition

round button chicken

Blue and Gold Banquet for the scouts was this past weekend, and each den prepares their own pot luck.  This recipe?  Oh my.  A friend from school gave it to me and it is amazing.  I will have to post this one soon, but I just think the colors are so beautiful.  God is amazing with all his colors in nature!

My Patrick's final salute to cub scouts.
 Our amazing pack had some great games for the scouts to be involved in, and each one was so much fun.

 It was a noisy time, but a blast for the kids. 
 My new Scout being accepted into the Troop, and getting his new neckerchief.
 These boys are so grown up!  We are so excited that Patrick will have a buddy in the troop.

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Carole in Wales said...

Great pictures, Fuzzy! It brought tears to my eyes thinking back on my boys bridging over to Scouts. What wonderful times are in store for you. But take photos as is passes so quickly.