Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for this blog in the new year, maybe more writing, and less pictures, less get the idea.  I am partial to lots of photos because sometimes those pictures can say everything much better than I can, and I sometimes get self-conscious about writing since I am not sure I do it as well as I could (being a mom has diminished many of my brain cells, including the ones that help me put my thoughts in order).

And then it happened.

My camera/memory card has decided not to cooperate.  I have LOST some of my photos.  My PHOTOS!  Do you realize what that means?!?!  I am SO upset.  Devastated.  Disappointed.  Frustrated.  AUGH!  

And, there goes my resolution to change my blog.  I am way to attached to those photos.  I lost all photos from Christmas morning, and during the day I am missing more than half.  Hence the single photo from Christmas day.  I wrote to my camera company and hoped that they would tell me that my camera was old and that I would have to get a new one, or something, but no such luck.  They think it's the memory card.  They want me to "format" it - and lose all photos that are already on there - and use it again.  Um, no.  If there is ANY chance that I can get my photos back, I would be thrilled, and will NOT be using that piece of junk again.  (Any of you readers have an idea that may help me get them back?)  

So, while I would love to say that I can change the way I blog, I am not sure that will happen yet.  I will change my memory card first.

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