Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes: January edition

I don't know if you have noticed, but the east coast has had quite a bit of snow lately, as well as some extremely frigid temperatures.  And, we are getting more!  Don't tell anybody, but I am a big fan of snow and snow days.  I love that something outside of the normal is happening and it gives my kids just a little something different.  We can't really go out, we have to stay in, and many times it's the excitement that gets us through the day.  Granted, we have had some days that weren't exactly snow days, but, really, the little kid inside me is super happy still.  And, if anyone asks where January went, I still say it's lost in the snowstorms.

In the midst of all the snow days, we had some sick kids.  Patrick went down first with his I-only-throw-up-when-I-have-strep symptoms, and the next week, my William went down.  
At the doctor's visit, I had this nagging feeling that I should get James tested too.  And what do you know.  Strep number 3.  All I could think of was the drinks that these boys "share" with me all the time, with or without my knowledge.  Yeah, I went on antibiotics too.  It's so odd how everyone's symptoms are so different.

My Emma is a voracious reader.  She reads and reads and it usually takes about 4 calls to get her to answer you, even if you are in the same room.  She called to me and said (or I thought she said), "Mommy, what's a twerk?"  ACK!  Very calmly, I asked her to bring the book over ("what is this book called, Emma?  What are you asking?") so I could see it.  The audible sigh of relief could have been heard around the block when I realized the word was "twerp."

Seriously considered doing a "how to" post, but my end result isn't really what I was hoping.  I have been peeling, breaking, cutting and melting crayons to go with the valentines for school.  But, not just any shapes, oh no.  I used round, which is nice, but then I decided to go fancier: Lego guy shapes.

James is talking so much lately, and I love the way he is so clear with what he wants, and wants to tell me.  He is all about the sizes of things.  He will bring me his water cup and ask me to "make it bigger."  Or he will look for the "small Batman."  Not to mention the fact that he will only wear his Superhero shirts: Batman or Superman, and, this mommy has perfected the slight of hand to be sure they will get washed!

I have joined the FitBit mania!  One of my workout buddies offered me their old one and I was so excited to see how many time I really climb my stairs and chase after my little guy.  Some days, I am totally floored with the number of steps.
Remember all those beautiful family photos that we had done?  We won two 8x10 photos, and now I get to second guess myself and try to find frames, mats, where to hang......maybe I'll hang something up by summer?  I have a hard time making decisions, and hanging things is not my forte.  Is there anyone out there that wants to come help me??  

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Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

Love the crayon creations! I would love to try the Lego mold.