Monday, August 26, 2013

"Showering" with Love

 We are so excited that there will be another Reynolds grandchild coming in October!  Paul and Nichole are going to be such amazing parents, and this baby is already so loved. My home was the location for the baby shower, and I am still so happy with how well we can have parties in our home.  My sister-in-law made an amazing family tree for fingerprints for all the family and party guests.

 Pinterest helped made some really cool ideas come to live in my home.  I spent a lot of time looking on there.
 The baby's cousins!  Emma changed so she could be as fancy as Mia. 

 Although I love parties, I was so grateful to have help with the games and food, and other decorations.  Guess the belly size was won by Grandma who was exact!!
 Guess the melted candy bars in the diapers.  I loved how seriously Emma played.  Although Mia's face is priceless.
 Preview of future attractions for Paul. 
 Isn't this absolutely stunning?!?  She did all that by hand!!!! 

 This is the view from above, with the catwalk, and I was trying to show how big the space is when things are moved around. 


 Time to feel the baby move. 
This sangria (my first time making it ever!) was a huge hit.  Easy recipe from Pinterest.  I wanted to find a blue sangria for the baby boy that was coming. 

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