Thursday, August 15, 2013

I've Been a Mom for 10 Years!

 Happy Birthday to my amazing Patrick!  He is always blessed as his day is the feast of the Assumption, and is always a day for celebrating!
 Patrick is amazing in his knowledge of things, especially video games, can keep you entertained for hours.  He likes to talk, and many times interrupts because he is so excited and can't keep it in!
 His newest gift was a big hit and has kept him occupied for a long time, because while he does like Legos to play with, to know the different sets, how it's made, and what comes in each set is right up his alley.
 Braces!!!  Doesn't he look so handsome!
 Our big gift for Patrick was a Nationals baseball game with the whole family!  We got some tickets from a friend at church which included a parking pass.  It was only 2 tickets, but Tommy managed to get more tickets a few rows away.

 "Bill" William Howard Taft.
 "Abe" Abraham Lincoln.  No scared James in this photo.  William asked, "Why do they have to be bigger
than Daddy?"

 These seats, that Tommy got later, were so great because they were up front, and we could let James get down without bothering anyone in front of us.  We did end up sitting in the better seats, and just put the kids on our laps.
 Patrick's favorite thing was the Mascot race (Presidential Race.  :) and they all fell down outside the gate.

 Abe was the winner!
 Our other surprise for Patrick was his name on the JumboTron!!!  My friend from church arranged it and I didn't think there was anything cooler.
Yes, sometimes we get photos of us, but it's always interesting when the kids help us.

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