Sunday, July 14, 2013


Vacation Bible school was called "Sonwest Round-up" and I decided to volunteer in the music station this year.  I have to admit that I was super nervous, and was not sure that I would do a good job.  We listened to the VBS CD in the car and were singing all the songs, as well as learning all the hand motions.  I had 3 of my kids looking up at me as I am singing and dancing, and I wanted to do the best.  I had no idea what to expect, and I am happy to say that we had an amazing week.  We had a few bumps with William, but he was doing well by the end of the week.  He got into the western theme the most, and was super cute with his bandanna and hat.

As you can see, we have some happy for pictures, and some not.

We had some really great songs that were super catchy, and one day while I was driving I hear this little voice in the backseat singing and doing some hand motions!  I had to get it the next time I heard him and wasn't driving.

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