Sunday, February 10, 2013

A little competition

William has decided that he prefers to wear his character underwear backwards so he can see all the Batmans, Jokers, etc. in the front.  The other day he told me he was wearing 2 pairs so he could have villains and superheros at one time.  Well, at least he is wearing underwear, right?

Well, today I went into the boy's room and there was an explosion of underwear all over the floor.  We were on our way out the door to Mass so I forgot to ask what the story was.  William did volunteer the information that he was wearing 5 pairs of underwear to Mass, but I didn't think anything of it.  Until we were on our way to dinner.  I was talking to Tommy about the many pairs on William, and Patrick pipes in from the backseat: "Oh, I tried to wear more than one pair today, but I only have one on.  But that's nothing to Emma.  She beat us all with 13 pairs!"

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