Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Visits with St. Nick

 I love that the Scouts get a visit with Santa.  The whole family gets to spend time with him and get their pinewood derby car, as well as a candy cane and holy card, explaining the significance of the colors and design of the cane.

 William wasn't happy because he already saw Santa, but without me, so I made him go again.  Apparently, Mommy messed it up.  Even Santa said he already saw him.  LOL

 We tried for some Santa and James time, but he wanted nothing to do with him.
 Daddy, on  the other hand, gets along with everyone.
 Tommy took the kids to his old neighborhood for the annual Christmas party with a visit from Santa.  He brings a gift for each kid, and I think William got the best of them all!
 James was excited because it was a collection of balls!  His favorite thing.

 But he wasn't ready to thank Santa yet.

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