Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pinewood Derby 2013

It's Derby time!  If you talk to William, it's called the "Highwind/Hinewind Derby."  Anyone else in our family calls it the Pinewood Derby.  We had 3 cars this year: Tommy raced the Bandit in the adult racing.  William had a Batman car, and Patrick decided to do Spiderman.  The siblings had their own race, so Emma used Tommy's car.  Everyone did really well, but Patrick was the big winner of his den, coming in 3rd place!

Tommy wanted to be Burt Reynolds, and shared his moustaches with all the kids who were willing to root for him.

Cubmaster Randy asked William if he liked Batman, since his car was obviously that theme.  But, in true William fashion, we had no idea that his response would be: "Well, I really like Batgirl better, but Batman is okay."  Randy was laughing so hard.  Can you see his red face?

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