Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm here!

I'm still here!  I promise!  My blog has decided it won't let me post any more pictures, and I am desperately trying to figure out why.  All my Christmas photos, as well as the goings on for Emma's birthday and our Epiphany celebration, etc.  In other words: AAAAHH!  This is killing me that I can't post a normal photo post, but it forces me to write.  So, here are some odds and ends going on here:
  • My Emma turned 8.  8!  Can you believe it?  She had a pampering party with nails and hair done by our fabulous babysitter, and I could just sit back and watch.  The girls had a fabulous time, and I think Emma really enjoyed it.  She would not brush her hair for 3 days after getting it curled because she didn't want the curl to go out!
  • Christmas season is finally over and the month of hosting has come and gone.  We had at least 4 or 5 parties in our home with family in our new house.  I have decided I LOVE having people in my home, and my home is a party house!!  My kitchen absolutely rocks when it comes to cooking and entertaining, and my favorite room is the big family room with the 2 levels.  It makes the party not seem so crowded and it just feels so open and comfortable. 
  • My James is slowly starting to talk more.  His favorite thing is STILL any and all balls that are around, especially the "put-balls".  And Daddy.  He lights up when that garage door opens and he runs to the door to greet him.  I just melt when he gives him the big hugs!  James is also learning to stick up for himself when the big kids take his toys, or if William starts to annoy him by getting in his face with all his kisses and love.  He will even run over and tackle the kids!  It's hilarious!
  • Patrick is keeping busy with Legos, Cub Scouts, and just 4th grade in general.  His teacher is one who is strict, but I think it has helped him so much!  He actually came home yesterday to tell me that he forgot to wear a belt to school, and so he went and turned his card (the punishments at school) since he knew he had done something wrong.  I was floored.  What an honest little man.  His interests change monthly, but his questions are so deep sometimes, and I can see that he is more aware of things that are going on, and the whys and hows are important.  We are going through some attitude issues at times, but I think with more prayers and grace we will get over the hump.  It's a big year.
  • William is my chatterbox.  Still.  He talks all day, all the time.  He only stops when he is sleeping.  But he still cracks me up with his different sayings and perspective.  Oh, and he remembers everything!  The other day, he was telling me about the super heroes.  "That's Spider man, Batman, Super Lady and Superman."  "You mean Wonder Woman?"  Oh yes. He is so imaginative with everything that sometimes I am not sure if his stories are true or made up.  He gets so wrapped up in his tales and they go on and on, and I have to really listen to be sure I know what's going on.  His latest thing is to tell me he has a present for me, and it's usually some kind of lego set that he built and he tells me what it is.  He will even mix up the people (which drives me crazy) to make them look more like a person that we don't have.  They look pretty good too.  His latest thing is to carry his legos around in Emma's sparkly purse.  It is absolutely adorable, and I love that he will put the decorative chain over his shoulder to hold it. 

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