Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We were enjoying our last week of summer by having a "picnic" in the basement as we watched a movie. It had just ended when I sent Patrick upstairs to get some socks on. James was sleeping in the basement, and I was in the kitchen with the other kids. I heard this thumping and told the kids to stop. It continued and I yelled a little louder for them to stop, thinking the kids were making a racket. William and Emma appeared in the kitchen and I thought maybe it was Patrick upstairs, and was just about to say something again when the noise got louder, and the whole house started shaking. Patrick came downstairs with eyes like saucers, and William and Emma came to me and held on. I kept thinking a truck wouldn't make a noise like that, or shake the whole house, and I know my neighbors can't do that! It lasted about 20 seconds, but seemed so much longer. We all kept saying "what in the world was that?!?" and ran outside. Our neighbors were all out there asking the same question and one man was so nonchallant about it. "It was an earthquake." Like, seriously, go back to your lives, citizens. I went in the house to call Tommy, and the phone rang as I picked it up. I had a quick conversation with my sister, and then the phones stopped working. Both of them: cell and land line. It was crazy. The kids were really shaken up, and hovered over my shoulder as I went on Facebook and tried to email Tommy (admittedly, I put the wrong subject line on his. I don't think I should have put "help" anywhere in the email I picked the wrong word and he kind of freaked out). Patrick was especially nervous, and would not leave my side. I still couldn't believe it. We had an earthquake in Virginia!

It registered at 5.8 (I think) and was a big deal on this east coast. I watched a bit of news with the kids and I think it made Patrick more nervous about things. He heard buzz words and hung on: aftershocks, nuclear factory, earthquake, and hurricane. I guess it's time to do some weather lessons. :) Actually, another lesson we need is an earthquake lesson. I had no clue what we should do, to be perfectly honest! Never thought we needed to learn about that. When I looked online, it reminded me of those old videos that showed what to do in case of a nuclear attack: get under your desk and hold on!

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