Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our first party in the new home!

 We had some cousins come over and we celebrated a birthday.  It made my heart so happy to have so many kids here, to play and enjoy our space with us!
 James loves this window to watch all the kids outside.

 Papa and Mani came over too.  Papa said, "I'm looking for some missing grandchildren!"  And as soon as James heard him, he came running over and hugged him soo tightly.  He could not get enough hugs or playtime with Papa and it was so sweet!  I am so glad those two formed a special bond.
 I wish I could tell you who else was at the party, but I am still thinking we picked up some strangers that joined us.

 This is a view of our "catwalk" that overlooks the 2 level sunroom (I promise I'll do a tour as soon as I get the rooms tidier and less box-ier!)  This makes my mom nervous. 
 I like that we can still keep track of the kids and hear what's going on upstairs.  It *kind* of reduces the yelling so we can be heard.
 Rachel was the big birthday girl!  I think when we were in our townhouse, we celebrated her birthday in our home as one of the first parties too.  9 years ago!  I didn't plan it, but I am so happy that it worked out that way.
We can't wait to have more celebrations here! 

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