Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

First Halloween in the new house!  James found a pumpkin to claim.

 Iron Man
 Snow Queen
Spider Man/Boy. Patrick originally asked to be Spider Man for Halloween, but I bought a size too small for him.  As soon as that costume came off his body, William claimed it for himself and tried to say that there could be 2: Spider Man AND Spider Boy.  We finally convinced Patrick to choose another costume, and he is so sweet and gentle he was more than happy to choose another superhero.  As you can see on the mask, Spider Man's got some runs around the nose holes.  Those came within the first day, while the boys were trying it on numerous times.  There was no way to return that anyways.
 Mickey Mouse has a double ear infection and wasn't quite in the mood to get away from Mommy's side.

James didn't get much candy for Mommy, but he enjoyed the ride.  He finally slep better last night since we started his antibiotics.  Poor little man.


Katie Condon said...

Precious kids! I'm so sorry James wasn't feeling well. Emma looks so sophisticated and regal in that gorgeous gown! Glad you all had a fun Halloween!

Carole in Wales said...

They are so cute! And the costumes are wonderful!

Katherine said...

They are so cute! Is it bad that I think the photo of James crying and trying to get away is really funny? And that Iron Man is holding him in place? Poor kid, I hope he feels better soon!