Friday, October 12, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way home the other day

The day before closing on our new home, I was sent to get the cashier's check from the bank.  Sitting at a red light, I was hit from behind.  I look in my mirror and see it's a little blue Smart car.  I was in my van, alone (thankfully!) and was getting ready to exchange information with the driver, when I look back and see that she is driving away.  I thought maybe she is pulling to the side so we are out of the way of traffic or something, but I start watching her and realize she is speeding up.  Freaking out a little, I decide to follow her (cutting off a big truck who flicked me off) and am 1 car back from her.  We are stopping at the next light, when I hear "screeeeech" and a big crash and see the chards of glass flying everywhere.  This lady hit another car!  Unbelievable.  I get out and run up to the accident as all the other cars are driving away and I tell the man she just ran into that she had just hit me.  We approached the lady, and we started talking.  First thing you notice is that she is slurring her words and not really making sense.  She mentioned that she was coming from the doctor, and I was worried that she was on some heavy meds, or even had a stroke or something.  I am standing near her car trying to call Tommy and this lady starts to try to drive away again!!  I was completely floored and started freaking out on her and yelled at her that she HAD TO STAY HERE.  Ma'am, you NEED to turn off your car right NOW.  You CAN NOT LEAVE!  I was so afraid she was going to hit someone else.

Seriously?  What a crazy experience.  I had never been in an accident before, and it was very frustrating to get rear-ended.  I was very proud that I did not cry (except a bit of anger when she left me the first time) and I was sure to get the name of the police officer who helped (there were 3, but only one got assigned to the case).  My dad is a lawyer in the county, and is always happy to help out. 

The lady did a number on my bumper and I need to have it repaired, so we were trying to figure out which insurance company to use.  When I call her company, it turns out she never reported the first acccident: me!  I had to report it for her.  You could just hear the insurance guy shaking his head at the story I told. 

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