Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Williamsburg Fun!

After our trip to the beach, we started our drive to Williamsburg for our last trip before school starts.  There was plenty of traffic on the road, so my amazing husband-who-can-look-at-a-map-and-in-one-second-can-have-that-in-his-head drove us to a free car ferry.  The Scotland-Jamestown (or visa-versa) ferry goes on the water right next to Jamestown!  We visited there on our last trip, so I loved seeing the town from the perspective of the first people that landed there.
It was such a neat ride.

William got into the role of shipmate.

There's Jamestown!  The statue of John Smith and the church, and the excavation sites.

We were afraid the pirates would come and plunder our ship.  All we had was sand to offer them.  We saved a bit for James' next meal.

We met the Iveys for a trip to Busch Gardens.  It was so much fun to watch Lauren and William, who are the same age, play with eachother. 

Emma had a blast with Caroline and Lauren as her buddies.  Mr. Mike and Miss Susan are always so generous and fun. 
I loved that the kids all wanted to meet the characters.  Look at Lauren and Emma's poses!  So cute!

Patrick bugged me about riding this ride (one of the 4 he rode that day).

This video is the bumper car ride, just for the kids.  Notice how Patrick does his best to not hit anyone, and the adults are hollering directions to the kids.

Please fasten your seatbelt.  Our cute pilot for the day is sweet Caroline, who will be taking us on a tour of the roller coasters in the Germany area.  She is an experienced little lady, and has logged about 10 minutes of flight time in her previous visits.
This was the closest Patrick got to any rollercoasters.  He wanted a souvenir from the big one, but wouldn't ride it.

It was a beautiful day until the skies opened up.  I am regretting that I told Tommy to leave the ponchos at home.  I stuck to my guns and only bought 2 at the ridiculous park prices.  Emma tried to get one, especially to cover her new stuffed animal, but I managed to get it away from her, and we used the other one to almost cover up my James.  Every time I would move it to get his toes covered, it would catch the wheels.  It rained a lot that day, but James slept through it all.

This video shows how sweet my Emma was with Caroline, and how funny the 2 four-year-olds were together. 

Sweet Nicholas was an absolute angel all day, and William just wanted to shower him with sweetness.  He even shared his new toy with him.  Nic is such a good baby!

We usually stay at a Homewood Suites because they give us the government rate, but we couldn't get it this time.  Our next choice was a perfect option.  The Embassy Suites totally rocked for our two nights there.  They have a happy hour with appetizers, and a balloon guy for the kids one night, free breakfast in the morning (and what a breakfast!) and ANOTHER happy hour for the family with a Wii, balloon guy and movie for the kids.  It was so nice to hang out with our friends, so we weren't all stuck in the room.  The kids slept well!  

We hoped our trip would let us have one more day with the Iveys, but we had to head home to be with Tommy's dad, who had to spend a few days in the hospital.  (He's doing really well, and will be coming home soon.) 

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