Monday, July 16, 2012

Williamsburg Weekend

Tommy planned a really nice weekend with the family to Williamsburg.  Our first night included a show in front of the governor's palace (mansion?) in Colonial Williamsburg.
Fife and Drum band came up and gave me chills.  And then we had a great fireworks show!  Superb seats, and the best kind of show with all the noise.

The next day we went to the Ripley's "Believe it or Not" museum.  The kids rushed through that place faster than a roller coaster ride, but seemed to remember the most about that day.  LOL
 The tallest man (only 8'11") makes Daddy look small.
4D showing.  Matt and Huijie joined us while we were down there, and treated to an amazing seafood buffet. 

 Love this photo!
 We had to visit Jamestown.  :)
Emma wanted to know if there was a waterfall still nearby.  Ah yes, our history lessons of Pocahantas are from Disney.

It was soo hot, but we hoped to spend some time at Busch Gardens.  We got William on some kid rides, and even the ones he was too small for and he LOVED the fast and high ones.  He and Emma will be good buddies. 

 We let the kids play in the forest of fun and cool off.  Daddy got to join them, lucky duck.

We hoped to stay for the fireworks that night, but the temperature dropped, thankfully, and some thunderstorms rolled in.
Tommy treated the family to lunch with Elmo and Friends the next day, and it was inside (yay!) and delicious!
 Cookie monster was a hit with William and his hat.

 The monsters were not such a hit with James......
 ....until they walked away.
That day was cut short by thunderstorms as well, so we had some really good family time, running in and out of stores for necessities.
On our journey home, we stopped in Richmond at the Science Museum of Virginia.  The kids loved it, and it was reasonably priced.  Everything was so hands-on for the kids and Mommy learned a bit too. 
William did some playing with Bonesy Jonesy.  William wanted a shirt that had the "bones" on it.  I think I will have to find one for his birthday.  He is growing up so much!
The kids loved this area, and I was so happy that it was inspired by Mr. Rogers.  He's the best for kids.
 Patrick squished and shaped some pennies.
Daddy and William built THE trolley.  They also molded stuff with wax, put car parts together, and put the proper items in the right mold.  We could have spent so much longer there, and I really think that I may got back soon.
We were able to see the pendulum knock over one of the pegs on our way out.  Our next stop was Krispy Kreme, where we inhaled a dozen.  James enjoyed the first taste of the good stuff.  :)  We came home happy and exhausted.

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