Sunday, June 3, 2012

Good bye, House!

It's official.  We no longer own our townhouse.  In order to keep me from getting too sappy (oh and I have been a weepy mess the last weeks) I will not reminisce about all the wonderful years we have been there, or the long wonderful friendships we have made.  I will not tell you that the empty nursery with all the "flutterbugs" painted on the walls sent me running out the room searching for the nearest box of tissues.  And there will be no mention of the sweet voices all yelling "BYE, HOUSE!" in the car and the result of that.

Nope, I won't go through any of that with you.  I will share the photos of our last visit. 

 My very favorite windows, and where the kids and I spent many hours watching and enjoying our view.
The nursery was painted by Uncle Barry, and was the first room of the house that was painted. This special bug (and others in the room) were done by Aunt Chrissy and Aunt Mary for Patrick when he was a baby (you should click to enlarge).  It matches his bed set that all my boys have used.

 Don't look too closely at the red eyes on Mommy. 
 Goodbye to some of our great neighbors.  The kids have enjoyed all the time spent together. 
I had better cut this post short.  I will need to find those Kleenex again. 

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