Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blue, Gold and.....Reptiles

Blue and Gold banquet was a hit this year with the boys. We had a Reptile guy come with his collection, and it was so neat to see the reaction of the kids.
William was not prepared to touch anything that night. Even though we talked about it all day, he was not going to do it.
James was just my extra cutie that night.
The Web 2's scout leader is an amazing mom, and definitely a mom of boys as she was right up there bringing the snakes around to the kids.
He is the epitome of a "Snake Guy" in his hat and outfit, don't you think?
My Dad was there, and James was super snuggly with him, as always. He just loves his Papa!
Ah yes. "Angry Birds" will keep this boy occupied.

Can you believe that Patrick was more than willing to touch the snakes? (As was I?!?!) He showed no fear or anything. I will admit, I was very surprised at how soft they are.
We know that my Emma had no fear! She was first in line and always ready for more.
Next step for my Bear cub: week-long camp this summer!

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