Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Cuteness

Look at me! I am just about 8 months old! I have 2 teeth juuust about ready to come in, I don't sleep much at night, I love to smile and absolutely am the sweetest baby to anyone who will come and talk to me. I can sit by myself for minute or two, until I am distracted by something shiny.
Well hello to you too! I am Patrick, AKA Toothless. I am just about 8 1/2 (I know this because they announce my half birthday at school). I love any kind of electronic device. My passions right now are Ninjago, Mario (anything), and Mommy's games on her cell phone. I am easily distracted by books and will sit down in the middle of the room to read a book if it comes across my eyes.This is William. My big brother. I can't seem to get him to stop kissing and hugging me. It's very sweet, and all, but sometimes I wish he would go back to his Cars cars and Ninjas.
Yep. It would be nice to have some personal space. But, on the other hand. I do love him lots and lots. William is 3 1/2, and is always telling Mommy about the letters he sees. He loves to quote movies, and yesterday he asked Mommy to do a "pinky promise" which she had never taught him. He loves to play "spinjitzu" with Patrick's lego guys, and gets very frustrated that Mommy has super-glued some of them together. Be sure to play with him when you see him, since I am not big enough yet.
Hello! I'm Emma! I am 7 years old, and I just lost my first tooth. I am killer with a marker, and you'd better watch your paper because I will have something drawn or written on it quicker than you can say "let me find you a scratch paper for you." I just came home with a FABULOUS report card, and my teacher loves how well I can read. I just read my first set of intentions at Mass this month and I did so great! I am not sure what my favorite joke means, and neither do my friends, (How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it!) but I will keep telling it because it always has a good response!
And how is your Monday going??!?!?

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