Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa and the kids

Santa Claus made a visit to the Pack meeting for the scouts, and all the kids (big and small) got to visit with him.

These pictures of William are so adorable! He doesn't quite have the hang of "what do you want for Christmas" talk, so each time we see Santa he asks for a candycane, and each time he is not disappointed. It's so cute!

William recently had an encouter with the tile floor at McDonald's, and as you can see the floor came out victorious. Poor little guy.

Each time Emma has seen Santa, her list for Christmas gets longer. My favorite thing that she asks for is "a bag of socks." One Santa chuckled and Emma said it was because "she can never find any when she needs them." LOL What a nut.

Patrick is so predictable, but he has only asked for 2 or 3 things, at the most. And it's always the same things. He's so serious too.

And here is the token Mommy and James photo. We were there too! (And, if any of you are wondering, I am using an Ergo carrier, courtesy of the Iveys who are always so generous, and am with it!!! I can't believe it's taken me this many babies to discover the joys of a good baby carrier.)

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