Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Odds and Ends

  • We are enjoying our evening drives with all the Christmas lights everywhere. William shouts "AHOY!" every time he sees a house with lights on. I think maybe it's time to limit Jake and the Neverland Pirates for a bit.

  • The first day of December I was awakened with noises from my kitchen along the lines of how to pronounce the word "Psalm" - one says it right, the other says "Pee-salm." The children are so excited to have their new advent calendars doors to open each day and have pulled out the Bible to look up the verse. And no, I did not tell them to do this. My mother's heart was so happy! I watched Patrick look up a verse, and he was in the the book of Isaiah, and he knew which way to go in the Bible to find the book of Psalms. I have to admit that I am not even sure which one comes first.

  • I am finally the proud owner of a Fontanini nativity scene (or "creche")! My mother was so sweet to help me get this beautiful set, and she has already added to it. I have to say that I don't think Legos or the little green aliens from Toy Story belong in the empty manger. The elephant that has come to adore is okay, but not so sure about the sword-wielding lego Nijago guys. William felt it was important to not have the manger empty. (I was so close to getting a photo, and I hope he does it again because it was so cute how well they fit!)

  • I am having such a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I feel like I missed out on the season last year, and I was hoping this year would feel a little different, but I still feel overwhelmed. Maybe it's just that time of year.

  • We made our Speculaas cookies for St. Nicholas day, and I was very sentimental in the process this year. My best helper this year was my Emma. She was a dough rolling and cutting pro this year, and it reminded me of all the years that I was the one spending all the time helping my sister Jenn. My brother and I were always her helpers with the big baking this time of year, and it made me so happy to share that with her.

  • We have big news in the Reynolds family! Tommy's brother Paul is engaged! The kids are excited to be able to call their music teacher "Aunt Nichole." We are so happy for them, and ask for prayers as they begin their planning.

  • We have a great Christmas card this year, thanks to a wonderful friend who offered to take pictures for us. They turned out great, even with a wiggly 3 year old who never stops moving or talking. She said we would do it again in the spring, and I can't wait! We are so grateful.

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