Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It doesn't sound like much going on, but I sure do feel like it.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is driving through the swirling leaves on a blustery day. (I just love that word!) It makes me feel like a little kid, when we used to rake leaves at my parent's house (which was a never-ending job with all the trees) and the crunch of all the piles of leaves we had. I can't believe it's fall and I have to start thinking about winter clothes for the kids (and Christmas is around the corner. Ack.).

We are already in the second quarter for school and the kids are doing so great. We are so blessed with our teachers this year, and I enjoyed conferences to hear about the kids. Emma's teacher said she wished she had 3 of Emma in her class and I was touched. She also told me about the "date" she had with her: Emma used her "duck dollars" (class money) to buy a lunch with her teacher. They had a special time together in the classroom and I am sure Emma talked her ear off. Patrick's teacher is tops in my book because she doesn't like to give the kids weekend homework. I LOVE that!! And she enjoys reading Patrick's imaginative stories all about Mario brothers, or whatever game he is into at the moment.

William is still wildly in love with James, and continues to smother him with kisses and wake him when he is sleeping (much to my chagrin). His other activity lately is to put a backpack on his back and say "Bye, mommy. I'm going to pre-k. I'll miss you!" I think we need to get this kid in some activities. He continues to crack me up with his movie quotes, and amaze me with how much he understands and remembers. The alphabet has all of the sudden come alive for him, and I think it may have something to do with the "Letter Factory" video we have, and how much he likes to quote movies.

James is my unpredictable one. I have to admit that he is the first child ever that I put to bed with us, on purpose. He does not like to sleep anywhere else. Well, other than in my arms. I feel like a rookie mom again, since I can't seem to make this any easier. He is such a happy baby when he is awake, and loves to have people around, but I think he has an extra sense that tells him he needs to wake up of nobody is around while he's sleeping. I'm guessing it has something to do with all the noise in the house all the time. I keep telling myself that I have to be more disciplined, but a part of me enjoys snuggling with this little man as long as I can. He's only 5 months and wakes up a lot during the night. I can't imagine getting up and going to another room as often as he is up. But, on the positive side, he is a great eater, is so cute, and just brings out such sweetness and happiness in the whole family. And did I mention that he rolls from his tummy to back? AND he has found his toes? That is so adorable!

Seriously? How can I get mad at such a sweet, smiley baby??

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