Thursday, November 3, 2011

A first for me

William + nerds = a need for something like this.

As I was putting him in his seat in the car, I noticed something white and round in his ear. I started to panic thinking he had some kind of tumor in his ear.

Me: William! What is in your ear!?!?
William: A nerd.
Me: WHY did you put a nerd in your ear!?!
William: Because it fit.

Naturally. So, time to get it out. Thankfully, I could see it, so I tried with tweezers first of all. He didn't like that much. So, off to the pharmacy, in hopes that I won't have to go see the doctor. I get to Walgreens and ask the man where "the little things you put in your ear to get the wax out" are. He says, "You mean Q-tips?" "Nope. Something similar, but not that." He gave me a perplexed "what-planet-are-you-from" look and proceeded to show me where the ear care aisle was. Thankfully, they had these really cool plastic things. And the scoopy end was just perfect! I am glad it came in a pack of 10. Here's hoping we don't have another adventure like that again. As I said, it's a first!


Rachel said...

Oh my. I always worry about this kind of thing. It sounds like you handled it very well.

How, when I wasn't counting, did you suddenly have 4 kids? I mean I knew about each of them individually, but somehow never counted them en mass.

Fuzzy said...

Rachel, I ask myself the same question. I missed it too! The other thing I keep realizing is that I have 3 boys.