Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Weekend visitor

Emma came home on Friday with the class pet. Humphrey the hamster came to our home to spend the weekend with us.

Thankfully, he is of the stuffed variety so required not too much looking after (except to be sure we didn't lose him). Emma was so excited to bring him home that she started writing down adventures BEFORE they happened. LOL

Scout popcorn sales came first! Humphrey agrees with Emma that Unbelievable Butter is the best. (I think the Caramel with the nuts is If any of you would like to support my Patrick in his "go to camp" efforts, please visit the Trails End Website.)

The cub scouts had a private history lesson from a civil war reenactor and Humphrey enjoyed learning how to march and see a musket shot.

Part of Humphrey's adventures included the Oktoberfest at the Knight's of Columbus. I love that it's a family event, and to see William do the Chicken dance was just priceless! Humphrey was our DD, so there weren't any worries there.

The "blowing" part only lasted a little while and they just turned into the noisemakers by themselves. Humphrey was very subdued during the celebrating, but did enjoy the delicious food.

We enjoyed our time with Humphrey and hope he will go back without telling too many tales about my messy house, naughty kids, and grumpy mommy. Thankfully, Emma is the only one who gets to tell tales in the journal. The good news is that there are more class pets to be visiting our home this year! We can't wait.

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Jennifer Cormier said...

I think this would indeed be the perfect pet! I love Humphrey! I have something like that, that stays in our van. His name is Puppy and well he's a stuffed animal puppy dog. It's actually a replacement to the original Puppy that I bought at Janowski's from their garage sale items. Janowski's is a local garden/farmer's market/restaurant.