Saturday, July 9, 2011

So, what do you think happens during the week that your wonderful, hard-working husband goes back to work after being superdad for almost 3 weeks? Why, anyone who knows Murphy and his law will tell you that everything seems to fall apart. And yes, I will tell you all about it!

Thankfully, because of the holiday, it was a short week. I had a doctor's appointment to have the stent removed (YAY!!!) on Tuesday. I dropped my big kids off at my sisters and took the baby with me, thinking it would be nice and short. I was a bit late for my appointment, but did not get leave that office until 2 hours AFTER my scheduled appointment time. I saw that there was a tractor trailer fire on the main highway, and I thought I could just avoid that road and there would be no problems. Boy, was I ever wrong. I did not get to my destination until almost 3 hours later! I was stuck in traffic in the same city for that length of time. Everyone was trying to get around the mess. Tommy, my Knight in shining armour, came and met me for dinner after picking up the kids. He beat me home, because he was on the train, and drove back to help me. What a sweet man.

I thought I would make dinner that night, and prove to myself that I can do this "mother of 4 alone" thing, but that didn't happen. So I decided to make it the next day. No biggie. I put the roast in the oven, and after 20 minutes I was very aware that there was no smell of dinner cooking. The oven, which was on, was cold. Broken oven. Great. Stove top works, but you can't do a roast in 30 minutes on the stove (or at least, I have no idea how). There also were some eggs boiling on the stove which I forgot about, and I ruined my pot because there was no water in it for so long. Drat. I was going to make zucchini bread, but that isn't going to happen any time soon. I was hoping it would be fixed on Friday, since Tommy scheduled a man to come out and fix it, but he never got here. We never got a call or anything, and nobody else could help us. Time to get my cookbooks out for some easy cooking. "Hello, Tony's?"

Oh, and I decided to run errands. With the 4 kids. I know. I'm crazy. (On the plus side, it was Target and there is no place better for some retail therapy!!) There is a light on in the van. Mind you, we JUST had the darn thing in the shop but now the ABS light is on. Kind of important, so it's time to take that in again. And, naturally, the light is nothing, but there is something else to fix.

And I am dealing with this on not much sleep, because we have a newborn in the house. And he likes to be held. A lot. I am writing this post in a rare hands-free moment, and I am on edge, waiting for him to start crying.

But, on the positive side, I feel so good! I feel like a new person. I am stent and stone free (says the doctor) and am almost feeling like myself again. It's so nice to have energy to do things around the house and just FEEL better. I know I look better, because people keep telling me I look like a new woman, but I have to admit I feel it too. Granted, I need a haircut and to lose some more baby weight, but I know I am doing better. :)

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