Saturday, June 11, 2011

- The countdown is here. Thursday June 16 is our scheduled c-section for this baby. He is going to be a big one, say my FIRST stretch marks (yes, plural) and my ENORMOUS belly. Yes, it's very large. It's okay. I know it is. My guess is he will be bigger than 10 pounds. Easy. (I like this photo, but I have been told that it's not good because I am not smiling. As a pregnant person, I have a puffy face and smiling never really makes me feel any better.)

- I had an interesting situation today, and this is NOT the first time it has happened. A couple approached me at Mass with their daughters, asking me if I needed babysitters. They gave me their phone numbers, introduced themselves and just wanted to chat and offer their girls to sit for us. They are a big homeschooling family and it was very nice to chat with them, but I was curious about the whole situation. My first thought is that I must look really pitiful and could use a break, OR my kids are so cute and well-behaved that they want to enjoy them. Yeah, I think it's the latter too. :)

- Can I tell you that I am officially in freak out mode? Baby is coming soon. I am praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby, but I am really hoping that some of this constant pain is going to let up, a little. I have amazing doctors that are taking care of me, especially my OBGYN. I had an appointment last week, and he could just see that I was having some trouble. It was like he was telling me that I needed to let some of this stress out. I guess I have been holding it in a bit, and unfortunately I was a weepy mess the next few days since he gave me "permission" to de-stress. My mother says it massages my liver, so it must have been good for something.

- Here are some William-isms: Daddy to William: "Hey, big guy!" William: "Hey, little guy!"
To Mommy: "I love you, my soft Mommy."
"I want my sandwich cut like a crayon." I'm not sure where he got that, but apparently that means we have to cut it into 4 triangles.

- Emma is graduating from Kindergarten this week. This is our first experience with a "summer vacation. Emma's question about it? "What kind of uniform do I wear for the summer?"

- Patrick is officially a Bear Scout! There was a family camping trip this weekend and he had a blast. I asked him his favorite part and he said "everything." His last school day is the day after Emma, and I can't believe how big he is.

- I've been doing a lot of TV watching lately, and I have been enjoying some crazy infomercials lately. Have you seen any of these? This is the fun part of not being able to do too much walking around.

Pajama jeans

Dream look: instant eye lift!
And my personal favorite, Gray Away!

Aren't these just too funny??

- Speaking of modified bed rest, my Mom, MIL and husband have been amazing with all this going on. The laundry has NEVER been this caught up, the kids have never felt so spoiled and taken care of, and there have been NO complaints from my Tommy. I know how hard this has been, and I am feeling so blessed to have such an amazing husband and family.

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Carole in Wales said...

You are so cute! And I find it perfectly alright that you are not smiling. I was pretty big with Avery, so I remember. And I had her in August, so I also suffered the heat of the summer as well. And it is all worth it!