Friday, April 29, 2011

A View of DC

My kid's view, that is. Our neighbor gave us an old digital camera which I sent along with Patrick and Emma when they got the opportunity to go to Washington, DC with their aunt and grandpa. I love seeing different things that they got to see, and what they considered interesting.
I think the Air and Space Museum was on their agenda. Good picture, too. Emma said they got to touch a Moon Rock, and I asked her why that was special? She didn't know, but when I told her it was a rock from the moon, she kind of gave me a look and said "why would they bring home a rock from there?"

The American Indian Museum was the one that took most of the camera. Emma found some interesting benches and tools to photograph.
Tommy picked up tickets for the group to go to the top of the Washington Monument. I have never done that, and I was super excited that Emma took photos while they were up there.

It was a beautiful day!

I asked Patrick how many steps there are to the top. He said they don't do stairs on the way up because people were getting sick - you know, heart attacks and stuff. LOL

I was kind of hoping for more photos of the people they were with, but I will have to ask Grandpa for those. Their cousin has an IPod touch, and by the end of the day Patrick was asking me for one. Oh boy. I am so grateful that they got to go and enjoy such a great trip with family, especially since I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been making a trip to DC in my condition. They had a really great week! The next day brought more adventures: Take your kids to work day with Daddy!

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