Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter preview

Tommy took the kids to an egg hunt at the Knight's Hall (or, if you ask William, it's where "Scub Scouts" are). It was raining really hard that day so the hunt was inside. Apparently, my William is a good egg hunter.
I asked him if he saw a bunny rabbit. I am not kidding you when he said "Yeah, I saw a man in a bunny rabbit suit." LOL Tommy said he checked him out by looking in the mouth. He's so funny.
Tommy said Patrick was done really fast (very typical of him). They had a really good time, and to be honest I am happy that we haven't really done the whole "easter bunny" thing but they were happy just to have the hunt. Patrick in his Mario Kart shirt (I think I gave him that last Easter). Have I mentioned that there is a bit of crazy in my house? LOL This stinker was the one that the Knights talked to me about the next day. He is so sociable, and most people aren't ready for how much he understands and says.

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