Sunday, February 27, 2011


  • I came home from work and told my family that I didn't have a chair. Emma wanted to know if the patients had to stand up?

  • One morning, she was very concerned because her teacher told them that they needed to bring a brown lunch bag to school and hers is pink.

  • Emma recently got a haircut, quite short, in fact, because she started the cut in her room. She must have cut about 4 inches off the front of her head. It still is uneven in some spots.

  • She is my bag lady. Everything goes in a bag to be carried around. Oh, and one bag is never enough. The more the merrier, especially if they are small.

  • Her name is EVERYWHERE. I'm not kidding. EVERYTHING has her name on it. It is nice printing, but I am starting to feel like she is either preparing for when I die and claiming her inheritance, or she is like some animal marking her territory.

  • The other day, I found Emma furiously writing on a stack of my "thank you" notes. She told me that she was making up invitations for her birthday party, which included a date, time and place with our address. Her birthday is in December.

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