Monday, January 24, 2011

My kids have been learning about historical figures. They are also learning a lot of math. Sometimes, the two get a little mixed up.

Emma: Mommy, were you alive with Martin Luther King, Jr?
Patrick: What year were you born again, Mommy?
Emma: Mommy, did you have phones like this when you were young?
Me: No, I don't remember cell phones when I was young.
Emma: No, phones like this (each hand is made like she is holding something, and one goes to her ear and the other to her mouth) and answer "Hello?" Or was it just like this? (with only one hand up to the side of her face)

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Katie Condon said...

My students think I was alive during the pilgrims... Time is a very difficult concept for little ones. Here's just one of many links to things our kids won't know about