Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clunk! (that's the sound of plastic cups doing a toast)

The Reynolds family toasted the new year with Sprite, Ginger Ale, Gatorade and Apple Juice. None of them came in a glass, and all of the family celebrated together. The "chunta" (give it that gutteral "Hunta" and you've got it) virus, as our friends call it, came through the family, not sparing a one of us. Tommy and Emma were first, followed closely by Patrick and William and Mommy was the last, giving her enough time to change sheets, clean messes and go to the store. Technically it was the day AFTER New Year's, but it was still a day of high hopes for the return to school, work, and routine (oh who am I kidding. My routine consists of lots of naps during the day and keeping my 2 year old occupied). I thought today would be the back to school day after recoup day on Monday (with Daddy on duty), but my poor Patrick had some more vomiting, after 24 hours without. He was so pitiful, and I KNEW it was going to be strep, so off to the doctors we went. I felt so bad for him, and he only got a short nap in the car. We got some meds into him, and I am pretty sure he started feeling better because he woke me from my very short nap with the sound of peanut butter and jelly (typically not a noisy sandwich, but it is when you buy the frozen kind and it needs to be unwrapped). I kid you not. I am guessing he was hungry. AND feeling better because he started talking non-stop, which did not go over well with a sleep-deprived mommy (3 nights of not much sleep).

I hope he starts to feel better soon, and I wish the doctor would tell us what we should be doing for this - besides meds, changing toothbrushes and rest. We have been on and off antibiotics since about August, and I feel like I should have had his tonsils out over Christmas break, but I talked myself out of the consult. I am not the kind of person that likes to research, review, debate, get 2nd and 3rd opinions. I trust the doctors. They went to medical school, I did not. I want them to point me in the direction and tell me what's next. Maybe I am too trusting, but I think that's why we have doctors. I was so grateful when I was told a c-section would be my best option for William's delivery and it was the BEST delivery and recovery.

Anyhow, I'm complaining and this is my outlet. I think my mind is made up, and we will do a consult. Get the ball rolling. Maybe we should look into snoring Emma's tonsils too.....

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