Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Toy Story Mania!

Happy Halloween!
Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear all came to visit. They came pretty early, before we had dinner even.
Jessie was feeling especially happy, and eager to pose.

William kept declaring that he was "the real Buzz!"

This is our neighbor's amazing carved pumpkin.

And this is our pumpkin, which we did not carve. My boss told me to take it home from a work party, and as it turns out, it was very welcomed by our children.

Patrick, who was feeling sick this weekend (strep, again. That's another post by itself. grr.) so he didn't last very long with the other kids. He was happy to help me with the candy, and play with the new games he received. I think William got the hang of it this year, and it was adorable to see him say "trick or treat" to all the houses. Tommy said as they went to put candy in his bucket, he was reaching into their bowls and pulling out his own candy. What a nut. We had some pencils and erasers to give out, and my kids were so excited to help give those out. The big kids would look with disdain at that bucket, and demand, er, ASK me for the candy instead.

Time to check out the loot! We had some toothbrushes, play doh, card games, pencils and stickers this year. I kind of enjoyed the variety. Although this Mommy gets first dibs on Rolos and milk duds.

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