Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a full week at the school with a visit from the Pilgrims and Indians.

The show was followed by a Thanksgiving lunch. It was so neat to see all the parents and grandparents come and be with their kids, and all the Parish priests were serving at each lunch (there were at least 4 lunches, and I attended 2!).
Papa and Mani came for Patrick's. We discovered that Patrick LOVES pumpkin pie, but turkey, not so much.
William was a trooper for both lunches, and enjoyed plenty of cookies and PBJ.

Patrick's buddy from scouts and school. (If you look over Patrick's right shoulder, his teacher is sitting right there.)
Emma and her BFF. My daughter is the social butterfly and knows everyone's names and is very sweet and says hello to them all!
Papa had to go to court, but Mani was able to stay for Emma's lunch.
We are so blessed with family, friends, faith and our parish. It's such a joy to have you all in our life, and we are so grateful for the prayers, support and love.

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