Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We ran errands after school today and it was so neat to keep running into other kids from school in their cute uniforms. At the first place we saw a little boy who approached us all excited "you are from All Saints?!?! We are too!!!" and hit it off with Emma and Patrick. The next stop was the library, and as we turned a corner, Patrick suddenly threw himself on the floor. I turned to see what was up, and heard this sing-song voice say "Hiii, Paaatrick!" When I finally got him standing, he responded to the hello (after much prodding) from the girl from his class with a bit of a red face. She came by and did that at least 4 times (without any comments from her mother), and we all started to answer her hellos.

I always think it's so funny to see how the kids are so surprised when we see other school kids outside of school.

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