Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy was, or wasn't she?

I have always been called Fuzzy. When I was a baby I had fuzzy hair, and the name just stuck. I never thought I would have it this long. I always figured I would go back to my "grown-up" name one of these days: when I go to work; when I get married; or when I have my first kid; etc. Each time I had a new milestone in life, I just couldn't let it go. My boss liked that I had a memorable name, and I think it fits with my funny voice. (I'd like to think that my voice has changed, but I am just fooling myself.) Even at my wedding, Father called me by my nickname. When I was a Pampered Chef consultant, I wanted everyone to remember me, so I was happy to use that name. It just hasn't left yet. Even with my big 3-Oh I am not ready to stop being "Fuzzy." My kids are now in school. I am introducing myself so many times, and each time it feels odd. I am starting to wonder if it's time to let it go. What has changed to make me feel this way? Am I rusty in the friend-making department? That initial eyebrow raise and "excuse me?" that comes when I say my name seems to be happening more, but is it just because I am starting something new? But then again, I want to have an easy name, and I like to be remembered. I don't know. This is such a year of transition that I was just wondering if "the time has come" to make some other changes.

To be honest, I think it's too late. :) It's stuck. I'll be a grandma with this name. You watch.


Carole in Wales said...

I have always been called by my middle name. Long story, but I do remember at one point trying to use my first name instead. It was a failure as I could never remember to answer to anything other than Carole.

Fuzzy is a great name. I am not sure I could ever call you anything else. And it does suit your personality.

Maryan said...

I can't imagine you by any other name. But does Dan still call you Frances? I know he used to do that! LOL!

lemon curry said...

Grandma Fuzzy has such a nice ring to it!