Monday, August 16, 2010

Patrick is 7!

I can't believe my oldest is 7 years old. This is a huge birthday for him, and for Mommy.
He had an amazing birthday weekend. We celebrated Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the actual day) and we had friends and family help us celebrate and make him feel special with their time and gifts.
Patrick asked me to make him lemon cake with lemon icing, which he didn't actually eat because he was so excited by the figures I put on the cupcakes for him.
This is a big year for Patrick with lots of changes, including a new school with new friends and a different environment. I love how well he reads, and he remembers so much and has been asking so many good questions. It is so sweet to hear him laugh at the jokes he reads and to want to share them with others is priceless. He is so grown up and is going to do really well this year (and Mommy is going to miss you!).

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