Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School

Emma and Patrick begin their first day of school as a Kindergartener and 2nd grader.

Emma told me all about her day, and said that she would be going back the next day. She can't wait to be the "big cheese" in her classroom, and "tuckability" - how to keep your shirt tucked in. Patrick said he told the class 3 things about himself: his favorite thing to do is Mario Brothers Wii (big surprise there), his favorite color is green (since he has turned 7 is has changed from red), and his favorite sport is soccer. His teacher is the neice of one of the ladies I work with at the orthodontist office and looks just like one of her girls. About 3 hours after he got home from school he asked me why I didn't pack a snack for him. Sigh. I DID pack one, and we put it in a special pocket in the front together, but I guess he didn't remember.
William asked where they were a few times, and that made me so sad. But we got to Mass together, and he was better behaved since it was just us.
I did NOT cry, but did get all choked up when I saw them lining up outside to be picked up, and while in the car listening to the two of them compare days. They sounded like they missed each other and wanted to be sure to share everything. It was adorable! Here's to a great year!

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Ivey Family said...

Emma looks like she's headed for a bright future as a backpack model!