Monday, July 5, 2010


Seaworld day! We drove from Anaheim and met up with Tommy's cousin Tim and his wife Cindy. The kids were so happy to have more company and new ears to listen to all their Disney stories. We enjoyed a full day with them, including a mexican seafood dinner.
We swam with, I mean under some sharks. Can you hear the appropriate music? I loved going through the tunnel with the sharks overhead. It was an amazing experience!

I like this self-portrait of William and me, but I especially like Patrick's face in the background while we were visiting the penguins.

We had a lot of fun feeding the sea lions (or seals, I don't remember which) since they would bark and call to you to get food. Emma had a fish in her hand, but a bird came and took it before she could throw it in.

There was a Sesame Play area for the kids, that had some really fun rides which Mommy didn't ride. We were lucky enough to have more adults than kids at this park and it was so great to have a few extra sets of eyes to watch and hands to hold. The kids absolutely loved having Tim and Cindy there, and are still cuddling with the stuffy-wuff turtles they bought for them!

I love love love the Beluga whales. So beautiful, and fascinating.

We saw a dolphin and a "Shamu" show, and the whale was so cool. William and I were the only ones not in the "soak zone" but be could have joined everyone else because they were just as dry as us.

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