Saturday, June 26, 2010

More California

One of the main reasons we all went to California as a family was to see my brother and his family. Emma was especially excited to finally meet 3 more GIRL cousins, but unfortunately some of the girls got sick, so we drove and met up with Glenn and his oldest girl Rachel, who is 6 months older than Patrick. We stopped at a place right near the San Bernadino mountains, and even with the smog they are just so beautiful!
The place we stopped had a little train ride for the kids and Mommy to ride. It was a VERY bumpy ride over the bricks in the courtyard of the outdoor mall.

Can you see the pink stroller? We made a rookie mistake of forgetting our stroller at our hotel, so Glenn loaned us theirs. We needed it desperately because William was so tired! I am so glad we got to see some of the family, and though it was short, the kids are still talking about how much fun they had. Patrick and Emma were super silly, as you can see in the photo.
The kids were so excited to do some swimming at the pool while Mommy did some laundry. We had a few more days left of our trip, so I had my first experience with quarters for clean clothes. William has no fear in the pool, and even though he fell down in the baby pool a few times, he never got any water up his nose. Scared me every time, but he just kept playing and splashing.
Our trip was almost done! We have a few more stops, so that means at least 2 more posts!

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