Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Ramdomness

It's time for some more of my mumblings and ramblings! January is here, so it's time to start the new year right. :)
  • My skin is finally starting to clear up. I think I have the hang of this sebhorraic dermatitis thing. I HAVE to wash my face 2x a day, and I need the thickest moisturizers to keep my skin from going crazy. It still peels a little, but definitely not as bad as it was. I am so grateful that I finally got some answers.
  • Thanks to all of you who have been so sweet and joined in the meme!
  • We have a dilemma, and we can't seem to find a good solution. One of my kids got a gift at Christmas and it is something we have already, or like it. I have tried almost in our area, and nobody seems to carry this toy. My first thought was Toys R Us, but they won't take it back without a receipt or a phone number. Really?? It was a GIFT. I KNOW you carry this thing, why can't you just help me! So frustrating.
  • I have a milestone birthday coming up. It makes me laugh because it seems like it's a bigger deal to other people than it is to me, and Emma is the first one to remind me that I about to be older. I would like to throw a big bash, but February is such a busy month with all the other family birthdays, Mason basketball games, work days, and a little thing called Lent. Tommy has actually planned a family weekend with some friends (the weekend before my birthday), but my fears is that the weekend will end up like this trip on Shannon's blog (I LOVE this blog) but with much younger kids, and no fun reading time, just chasing-the-toddlers-around time.
  • I am on time with all of Patrick's school grades! I feel so good that we are doing well, and he has all A's in his subjects. Thank goodness it's only first grade! LOL We are going to apply again at our parish's Catholic School (we are on the wait list from last year) and we will see what happens. I am really glad I have had this time with my kids if they are off to school next year, and I feel REALLY good if I need to/want to continue homeschooling. My mom homeschooled all of my siblings at one time or another, and I knew I wanted to try it. I know I am not some of my sisters who are so smart and can teach just about anything and at any grade level, but I know I can do what I need to. I think I could do a whole post about this, so I'll stop here. LOL I had no idea that I was going to type so much about this.
  • We have done some re-arranging of seats in the van, and it used to be just William in the middle seat. Patrick and Emma used to play/argue in the back seat and it was usually pretty private for Tommy and me to have a conversation in the front seats. Now, Patrick is next to William and REALLY involved in our conversations. I forget sometimes until he chimes in with a question about what we are discussing. Oops. LOL

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