Monday, December 21, 2009

"It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter.."

"..when the snow comes to cover the ground" in a record snowfall in December! I think we had about 20 inches. The snow fell for over 24 hours, and it was just amazing how much snow we had and still have everywhere.

There's Emma stuck in the snow, where the sidewalk used to be in her new snow duds. I am hoping they fit next year!
Somehow, I only manage to bring my camera outside when it is dark, but to be honest, I like how the camera catches the snowflakes in the pictures. It was so lovely!

William LOVED watching the snow fall and kept pointing and telling us all about it each time he went into the sunroom windows.

Tommy took the snow from his shoveling and made a fort in the front year. It is enormous, and I could barely see Patrick over the pile. The kids loved it.

Here are the kids playing in the fort with a neighbor friend. He came outside just because we were out, and I think it's so nice to enjoy the snow together.

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