Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas highlights

After Christmas Eve Mass, we decided to let the kids open one present. Baby Jesus is put in the manger, and the kids were so excited to open their gift! My mom and dad came and spent the night at our house after going to the midnight Mass. It was really special to share Christmas morning with my parents, and to enjoy the time with them.

Christmas morning arrived! Happy Birthday, Jesus! Baby Jesus was put in the other manger, and we were ready!

Look at my cuties. I love this picture, though I was hoping for a dressed-up version with all of us, but this one is just precious.
William just LOVES Elmo (and he says it really well too), and this gift was a hit!
Wii have now joined the current century.

It has been a whirlwind weekend visiting both families, and Patrick has been detirmined to have a "Wii party" at the house. He has invited all the relatives over to play the new games, and we finally had some cousins over last night at about 8:30. I think they had a really good time, but the most fun was watching the kids play the games.

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