Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Christmas Gift

One Christmas, many years ago, I had a wish. That wish was for a certain doll. Just that doll, it was all that I asked for. I was so excited on Christmas to receive THAT doll from my family, and called her by the name that everyone told me she was: Strawberry Shortcake. She was a rag doll, with long legs, cuddly, purple and sweet. I LOVED this doll, and was so happy to be able to have it.

Did any of you catch that? She was a shade of purple. Lilac, to be exact. I don't think I ever suspected anything until I was an adult. Only then did they confess to me that she was not, in fact, Strawberry Shortcake. Their story is that they searched everywhere but to no avail. So, they concocted a scheme for the one they did find. Isn't that sneaky? I was young enough not to know, or care. But my sister confessed to me that she still feels bad about it. You know what? I'm not upset about it, but to be honest I would love to find the "real" one, since I remember how much I loved that doll, even though it wasn't THE doll.

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