Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Emma's logic

On this rainy morning, we are headed out to Mass. I send Emma to the car and tell her to get in quickly so she can stay as dry as possible. I am helping put the baby's jacket on, and I see her standing outside of the van with the door to the van still closed. I tell her to get in. She says that she doesn't want to touch the door because it is going to get her hands wet! I didn't think I needed to tell her to come in out of the rain, but I guess a wet head is better than wet hands in her opinion.


Katherine said...

Haha, Gabriel does this everytime it rains. He would also rather stand there getting wet than grab that dripping door handle. Kids!

lemon curry said...

Wet hands are the worst when it is raining! I totally understand her logic.

lemon curry said...

er, that last comment was by me.